Murder Mystery Book
The Dante Passoni adventure series will create an Italian counterpart to James Bond. Dante is as dashing as Bond in his prime, as charming as Italy herself, as bold, colorful and fearless as we would all like to be. But the Passoni series, in addition to being of this era, offers another huge advantage over its aging competitor: it is a murder mystery book that deals with issues that are of critical importance today – with terrorism, climate change and evil on a global scale. And through all of this, his characters still find time to luxuriate in frivolity, to embrace the glamorous, the ridiculous, the sexy and improbable. Dante brings fun, humor and fresh air wherever he goes. “SAVE ITALY! Forget the Rest” will rekindle your hidden passions; scare you; charm you; and infuse you with an energy you believed you had lost forever with other crime and mystery books.

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Dante represents the “New Italy,” the land of high fashion, stunning design, incomparable food, fast cars and breathtaking seductions. He does not work for an intelligence service or any arm of the state, and is not inclined to carry out Bond-like missions until events such as murder or Mafia interference leave him no choice. But when this happens, his battleground quickly becomes the world, and his confrontations with seemingly invincible foes unforgettable. For Dante, helped by his butler, a 21st century Sancho Panza, always has something in reserve: lessons from the “Old Italy” of intrigue and deceit, lessons that nicely supplement his high-tech arsenal. This winning combination he applies with acumen and limitless courage. Following Dante through these books set in Italy, you come away with his most treasured possession – the secret of a passionate life.
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Murder Mystery Book

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